Tomorrow’s world of learning

For the past few months, the world relied on online communication tools to continue learning, and the experience has inspired people around the world to reflect on the growing role technology can play in reforming education. The development of education technology, provides innovative tools and media to help develop, communicate, and exchange knowledge in a more engaging, inclusive, and personalized way. Dramatic learning changes away from classrooms – with teaching remotely and on digital platforms – are here to stay, and the need for education to be reimagined to meet the demands of the digital age and the effect it will have on learning.

What we are learning now will become redundant, it does not really matter to teach people facts anymore for pure knowledge reasons, as information has become readily available online. Traditional classroom training, which is heavily focused on mechanical or habitual repetition, is becoming increasingly irrelevant as the rise in digital technology demands talented workers who possess problem-solving skills and have access to critical information anytime/anywhere.

At KINITO, we specialize in designing and delivering world class learning systems that ensure critical information gets in the hands of managers and employees at the “speed of need”. Our unique products and software development, along with customized delivery methods, can be found nowhere else in the industry.

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