Flexible Coaching Plans


Coaching in automation control systems and safety is a good alternative to classroom training. Unless the course has been carefully customized to meet specific goals, focused on demonstration of skills, it will in many cases be generic and miss intended targets. Many training courses have flooded the market in the last decade, and we need to understand the difference between “generic off-the-shelf” and “fully customized”.

A generic course covers a collection of topics envisioned by the course designer at the time of development. These courses are good to introduce someone to a particular product/features, technology or unique skill. A fully customized course is a collection of topics that specifically target learning outcomes, usually set by an organization or an individual. We also need to keep in mind that the word “customization” has gained a bad reputation in the past due to offerings claiming to be fully customizable failed to deliver customized content.

Coaching on the other hand, avoids the generic training traps, and delivers advise, OJT, and regular follow-ups by connecting the SME-Coach with the individual or a group. Browse our Coaching Alternatives to classroom training.

I am very pleased to share this video by Margaret Moore Watch Here, it explains the Coaching journey very well.

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