Training Simulators

Training Simulators
Siemens CNC

Our custom design/build training simulators for PLC, Safety, HMI, Profibus, Profinet, Drives, and CNCs are modular allowing the flexibility to easily create learning, experimentation or debug systems. Simulators give workers the opportunity to increase their skill level through hands-on learning. Give maintenance workers the chance to learn, experiment and test applications in a safe environment using 3D simulations mimicking different processes rather than learning on production equipment. 

Our training simulators offer excellent value in terms of customization flexibility and options. Our design is based on portability and durability, we use enclosures that can withstand continuous handling and relocation.


  • Designed to your specs
  • 3D Simulation (optional)
  • 3D Simulations connect to PLC via TCPIP 
  • Can connect to any PLC
  • Can be integrated with our courses
  • CSA/UL approved